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About Kaizen

We are a goal-oriented, not report-oriented firm!

Kaizen Consultancy is your trusted source for business consultation, high-quality training, turnaround management solutions, and recruitment services.

In recent years, maintaining business continuity and profitability have become more challenging, as all aspects of the business environment rapidly evolve. Technology offers new solutions every day, consumer tastes change, and robust competition forces companies to operate more efficiently. At Kaizen Consultancy, we are committed to working closely with our clients, providing in-depth analysis of their business in order to create transformation, drive change, and build a better workforce and workplace through our upscale services and practical solutions.

Our expert team works diligently to provide our clients, whether firms or individuals, unparalleled services and unique solutions that empower them to grow their businesses, unlock their potential, improve performance, increase revenue, and overcome challenges. In short, we want to provide every single client with the best possible opportunity for sustainability and profitability.

In addition to consultation and training, we offer recruitment services for employers and job placement assistance for individual job seekers. Whether you are an employer searching for reliable talent with strong customer service skills or an individual looking for that perfect career, we are here for you.

At Kaizen Consultancy, we are determined and deeply committed to supporting our clients through all stages of the consultation process, no matter how complicated the challenge, we will not rest until you have achieved your goals. Our culture is based on providing impeccable service and optimal results. We are a goal-oriented, not report-oriented firm.


Pronunciation /ˈkīzən/

A Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc.


Providing high-quality consultation & training services, innovative management solutions, executable advice, and realistic recommendations to our clients, who are seeking to grow and build a better future for their business.


We believe that every client is special, with unique wants and needs, and is entitled to receive personalized solutions and tailored strategies to reach their targets. We believe that every business has opportunities for development, and potential just waiting to be unlocked. In short, for each individual and for every firm, there is always a pathway to pursue their vision and achieve their goal.


We are a team of experts providing our clients high-quality business consultation and training services in various areas, including: entrepreneurship and start-ups, general management, digital and traditional marketing, finance, human resources, organizational development, leadership, Information technology, etc.


The way to achieve big is to start small!

The founder and director of Kaizen Consultancy began his vision with a Facebook page named (Efficiency in Business and Management) while studying business management in the USA. He first published numerous Kurdish-language articles on business and management, aimed at normalizing these topics in the context of Kurdish and Middle Eastern business culture. That nuanced understanding of Kurdish, Iraqi and Middle Eastern business culture, and local and regional cultures more broadly, distinguished the Facebook page—and now Kaizen Consultancy—from others in the industry. As the Facebook page (Efficiency in Business & Management) grew and developed a positive reputation, aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners began asking for advice and consultation, which Mr. Aras provided on a volunteer basis for hundreds of people. Recognizing the need for and potential of these services, he created Kaizen Consultancy, inviting top experts in business management to join the team. Together, Kaizen consultants have education and experience in the fields of marketing, management, finance, accounting, human resources, etc. Consultants also bring with them knowledge and expertise gained from their various personal backgrounds in fields such as engineering, medicine, biology, agriculture, information technology, production, and banking. When combined, this unique and diverse set of qualifications allows Kaizen Consultancy to offer services in nearly any industry, and provides clients the best possible option for consultation.


Our values is not negotiable, something we proud of.

Integrity & Honesty

Our two main pillars of operation are honesty and integrity. We believe that honesty creates trust, and integrity fosters true connection and long-term relationships. At Kaizen Consultancy, we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients.

Loyalty & Respect

Loyalty and respect are two vital components of any successful business relationship, and two necessary ingredients for creating a culture of inspiration. Therefore, we build our internal culture and external relationships on this foundation. We treat everyone, whether employees or clients, the way we would like to be treated. 

Confidentiality & Privacy

Protecting our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance, and non- negotiable. We adhere to all rules and regulations related to the protection of privacy and confidentiality.

Professionalism & Quality

We are performing and providing our services at the highest level of professionalism and quality. Simply, Professionalism is our respnsibility and quality our focus whatever we do, we do it very well.

Our Vision

To combine our global knowledge with local experience to take firms to the next level of sustainability and profitability, help individuals and firms pursue their vision, create transformation, drive change, and achieve their goals. To be recognized as the #1 provider of consulting and training services nationwide.


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