Consultation Services

What distinguishes Kaizen Consultancy from others in the industry is the combination of our experience, understanding of the local business environment and culture, and our global knowledge. This combination renders our services more practicable and realistic to our clients. In addition to business management experience, our consultants have backgrounds in engineering, biology, medicine, IT, entrepreneurship, agriculture, accounting, and more.

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Training Services

Our training services at Kaizen Consultancy are carefully designed to help our clients (whether firms or individuals) increase efficiency and productivity in their professional lives. Our training programs are developed for a wide range of industries and will be customized by our experts to provide in-depth knowledge to trainees, taking local culture and the business environment into consideration. Furthermore, all training courses we provide are hands-on and offer plenty of practical experience to participants.

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ISO Certification

The International Standard for Organization (ISO) is an “independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 167 national standards bodies,” and has “developed over 24,395 International Standards in all technical and nontechnical fields, other than electrical and electronic engineering.” Attaining ISO certification means that an organization is...

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Recruitment Services

In addition to consultation and training, we offer recruitment services for employers and job placement assistance for individual job seekers. Whether you are an employer searching for reliable talent with strong customer service skills or an individual looking for that perfect career, we are here for you.


(NOTE: this service has not been activated yet)

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Volunteer Consultants Club

Please be advised that the volunteer consultation process is not academic in nature, and thus will not be accompanied by a written report; it is only a discussion between you and the successful businessperson about their experiences. Kaizen Consultancy will provide all of the necessary forms and documents for the meeting.
Please be advised that this work is performed on a voluntary basis. Volunteers are free to accept or decline meetings, based on their availability or other factors—Kaizen Consultancy is merely the organizer and mediator, based on our deep commitment to assist aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Other Services

Kaizen Consultancy is proud to offer our clients additional services above and beyond consulting and training such as (Mock Interview) which is our experts at Kaizen Consultancy will do a thorough resume/CV review and conduct a “mock interview” to identify areas for improvement. Or (Kaizen Recommended)  which means that after your business meets certain criteria based on a thorough inspection by one of our consultants, we will advertise your business on our website and social media.

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