Consultation Services

Consultation Services


Management Consultation

Our business general management consulting services or (organizational Development OD) are designed to pinpoint and diagnose our clients’ business needs and challenges, with an intense focus on developing unique...

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Sales Consultation

Sales is the most important aspect of keeping any business running and generating revenue. Without an active sales team and effective sales strategy, even the best products will never have the opportunity to achieve...

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Marketing Consultation

Like the saying goes, “Your business without marketing is like a ghost; there, but no one can see it.” In other words, without marketing, your business is invisible, and your chance to succeed is diminished. Furthermore...

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HR Consultation

There is no doubt that success in the marketplace begins with success in the workplace, and success in the workplace relies on ideal HR strategy and management. Many firms have gone out of business due to failure in...

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Our entrepreneurship and start-up consultation service at Kaizen Consultancy is designed to help you optimally strategize each step of building your business. We apply our expertise, insight and comprehensive knowledge...

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Finance Consultation

Let's not beat around the bush. We can explore your firm’s financial conditions by asking few questions: Are you making huge gains but can't get to the next level? Do you have cash flow problems? Are you well-diversified? What...

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Accounting Consultation

Most people think that accounting is only about recording invoices and numbers, but in reality, accounting is a strategic tool that you can use to improve your firm’s profitability and sustainability. In addition to the physical act...

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Campaign Management

Running a marketing campaign with a series of touchpoints is far better than a single advertisement when seeking to draw customers’ attention. If you are thinking about running a marketing campaign, our campaign...

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IT Consultation

These days, every successful business absolutely must have an advanced and secure IT system, supported by an expert IT consultant, to solve problems and get work done, while keeping up with rapidly evolving technology.

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